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Ah... Games, Life, Keeping busy [ Mon Jun 15th/ 12:14am ]
Update on Games and Geek Stuff! Also Fallout 4! )
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TBD [ Mon Jun 1st/ 2:45am ]
[ music | Dope - DMFD ]

Gif TFO )

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You Know Nothing, Jon Snow [ Wed Nov 19th/ 4:45pm ]
Trying to judge this snow, I realized us males are terrible at measuring everything. It seems like 10 inches, but really we're just fooling ourselves!
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James Spader Would [ Sat Oct 25th/ 1:08am ]
Babes of Ultron )
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Black Hole [ Mon Oct 6th/ 1:08pm ]
So I went and got a tumblr. There goes my productivity... "seventhbeacon"
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The Avengers Quiz! ~Thank you Aveline [ Fri May 23rd/ 10:43am ]
You were made to be quizzed )
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For Cersei [ Wed Apr 30th/ 11:50pm ]
Think sneaky, you are? Fooled, no one is.

"You will know... when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, NEVER for attack."

"Cersei was all wildfire, especially when thwarted... She does not lack for wits but she has no judgment, and no patience.”

– Jaime Lannister, on his sister's leadership skills.
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Ignorance + Arrogance = Verbal Happy Supa Fun Bitchslap Time! [ Wed Apr 2nd/ 7:20pm ]
So a funny thing happened that I had to sit on my hands on all day at work over. A friend posted this cute image on Facebook:

Click for male posturing drama and silliness )
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Best Valentine's Day Ever! [ Wed Feb 12th/ 11:55pm ]
Do not click unless you want to see a Spoiler. I mean it! If you haven't read Batman #28 yet and don't like people ruining things for you, then definitely do not click!

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[ Tue Dec 31st/ 5:36pm ]
Yoinked Meme

You've been RPing for more than one year.
You're been RPing for more than five years.
You've been RPing for more than ten years. (These last 2 lines include PBEMS.)
You've RPed on a server other than IJ. PBEMs
You're been a moderater. GM. Other terms that mean the same thing.
You read rpvents. ???
You've done a rpvent.
You've had a RP friendship go ugly.
You consider your RP friends some of the best you have in your life.
You've gone to another state to meet RP friends. (Wanted to!)
You've gone to another country to meet RP friends. (Really wanted to!!!)
You've left a ship.
You've been left in a ship.
You've broken up a ship. (How is that different from leaving one?)
You really don't care about ships. They're okay. All these games are character relations.
You like ships, but prefer friends/family.
Your favorite fandom is obscure.
You get frustrated when no one's heard of it / wants to play it.
You get frustrated when a popular fandom overtakes a game.
You've gotten people to watch/read/play your favorite fandom so they could play someone for you.
You play more men.
You play more women.
You like slash and femme.
You prefer PSLs. (In concept. Got to really be in one to know.)
You prefer fandom-specific games Some exceptions are fine.
You prefer panfandoms.
You've grown to love a pb through RP.
You've grown to hate a pb through RP.
You're grown to love a character you used to hate through RP.
You've grown to hate a character you used to love through RP.
You sometimes judge other people for their lines.
You worry other people judge you for the same.
You feel guilty when you drop characters. Always. Always.
You love game-wide plots. I like a good mix.
You stuck by a game longer than you should because you felt bad about leaving.
There are some players you will never play with again if you can help it.
You get excited when you see an e-mail from someone you like.
You really get excited when you see an e-mail that someone's tagged your log.
You get nervous talking to new people/players.
Despite all the good and bad in RP, you still love the hell out of it.
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